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    Alexander Cooke



    Chief Executive Officer


    Registered Investment Adviser

    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level II Candidate

    Fairfield University B.S. Finance & Accounting

    Investment Management

    Over 20 years experience in securities, from trading, analyzing to portfolio modeling.


    Registered Investment Adviser, fiduciary at all times, no exceptions. Client always comes first!


    We exist to inform and give our clients a greater understanding of anything and everything we do to achieve their goals.

    Portfolio Management
    Fixed Income Trading
    Equity Trading
    Research & Implementation

    More About Alexander


    Fairfield Bush & Co., Director of Portfolio Management 2005-2017

    Phoenix Cos., Head Fixed Income Trader 2002-2004

    Oldham Resource Group, Registered Rep 1998-2002

    Outside Activities

    Executive Trustee - Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce

    Licensed Foster Parent - State of Florida

    Approved CPA Continuing Education Provider in Wealth Management

    Ambassador - Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce

    Alexander lives in Juno Beach, Florida. When not working with clients, you may find him on the Lacrosse field, in the Ice Rink, or on the open ocean. He is a lifelong sailor, Lacrosse player & Hockey player having competed at some of the highest levels in each.