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    Optimist Capital Registered Investment Advisor

    Optimist Capital 

    Optimist Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (Fiduciary at all Times) providing Institutional Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Financial Consulting, Investment Counseling & Advice, Financial Planning, as well as Teaching and Research.

    We provide our services to individual clients, pension plans, corporations, foundations and other wealth managers, throughout the U.S. and approved International Countries.


    Optimist Capital provides Investment Advisory, Wealth Management & Financial Planning, services on marketable securities. The most common securities are listed Equities, investment grade Fixed Income (Bonds) and Options on listed Equities. However our access is unlimited.

    We are asset based, we earn a small percentage of what we manage. No Commission based business. As such we have a mutually beneficial situation, when you succeed, we succeed. 




    Optimist Capital focuses on tailoring to meet the specific needs and requirements of the beneficial party of the portfolio. 

    We have unlimited access when it comes to investment selection. Since we have no commission based incentive, we are driven to only invest in the best possible situation for any given client.

    We exhaustively research every investment and action we take. 


    As Registered Investment Advisers we are Fiduciaries 100% of the time, no exceptions. As a Fiduciary we know that you come first and hope that you will take that to heart. We welcome you to reach out to us with any and all questions. You are our greatest asset. Please do not hesitate to call, email and/or write. We will respond and are always happy to help, teach or just converse about markets.

    Always Research Your Investment Adviser, Broker, and/or Financial Advisor. Click on the Brokercheck link below to research any properly registered firm or individual. (Us Included) Pay special attention to any firm or individual who has a disclosure.

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